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We offer flexible, affordable coworking space rental to licensed healing arts professionals focused on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wholeness for themselves and their clients.

meeting room


Give your clients a rejuvenating experience in one of three tranquil spaces available to share. The largest room is equipped with three adjustable tables and optional room dividers making it ideal for classes, study groups, meditation, breathwork, and aesthetics. An infrared heat lamp, large sink, and refreshment bar are also in this room.

lounge area


One of two private rooms holds another adjustable table, desk, and a set of comfortable chairs. It is well-equipped for counseling, therapy, coaching, aesthetics, or a calm office away from home. The other private room holds a comfortable massage table with table warmer and grounding mat, plus a towel warmer. It works well for bodywork, spa services, acupuncture, energy work, and aesthetics.

wellness classes


Network with like-minded locals or expand your view. In-house service discounts are available as well as laundry service at a competitive rate. Flexible scheduling allows you to build your new business without the financial stress of paying for unused space. Or, spend less time at your established business if that is your goal in this season. Your business will be listed here with a link to your site, and any calls will be directed to you as well.


Work to live the life you want.
Pay only for the time you need.
Affordable full-time sharing options are also available.

4-hour window

8 AM-12 PM, 12:45 PM-4:45 PM, or 5:30 PM-9:30 PM any day


8-hour window

8 AM-4:45 PM any day


4-Day Work Week

4 8-hour windows Monday thru Friday


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Proof of licensure, liability insurance, and references will be required before you receive your access code to begin using space at New State Wellness Cooperative.

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